Zen Petroleum | Brand & Stationery Design


Based in Ghana, West Africa, Zen Petroleum sells high specification petroleum products to mining companies and through filling stations. Originally called Holman Petroleum, they decided to completely renew their brand and change their name to Zen Petroleum, so they would be more easily recognized and understood across the different African countries.

Zen wanted to be seen as a reliable and trustworthy brand and as a result, they needed their logo to feel sophisticated and global, but friendly. They also wanted it to stand out to attract the attention of the motorists when driving past the fuel stations. What they didn’t want was a boring 2 dimensional logo.

We created a variety of different designs taking a droplet of oil as a starting point. This was a very interesting project for us to work on and we worked very closely with the client to develop this logo and accompanying stationery. The final design takes the original oil drop concept and develops it into an energetic almost flame-like icon that has a 3 dimensional quality and combined with a modern font and eye-catching colours it really highlights their high quality and environmentally friendly products.