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What is a ‘Brand Promise’?

As we work though our uniquely compact and powerful branding tool with clients, we are often asked just what a ‘brand promise’ is and why it is important.

The best way we have to found to explain it is by saying that you should imagine it as like a website’s cookie. So in just the same way as a website will place a small bit of code on your device to make sure your device remembers the site, the brand promise is that small ‘cookie’ that the brand we create for you will place into each and every person’s mind who comes across your logo design, your website – any brand touchpoint.

It doesn’t mean that your entire business offer should somehow be squeezed into your logo design. However, it does mean that once you have truly understood and codified your brand, i.e. you’ve written it down in a useful format, then everything you do will resonate with your core message.

Our brand planning tool is one that has been developed from work on some of the UK’s biggest brands – Channel 4, Ariel and Ford are just some of the brands our team honed their skills on. By carefully compacting the techniques used, we place the power of these big brand tools into the hands of our small and medium sized enterprise clients. It not only the process that is fun (yes, really) but it means that all marketing from then on is strategically correct, easier to do and always points back to that all-important brand promise.