Village People build their own website

Aveton Gifford Parish Project

The village of Aveton Gifford, a few miles from our studio in south Devon, needed a website for their parish project group. It needed to be affordable for a small community and easy for members of the group to learn to use and to load in their own content. They also wanted it to be feature rich and have a contemporary look, all of which made it an ideal candidate for our LaunchSite content management system.

It can be daunting to see what happens to a carefully designed CMS once the clients get their hands on it. As it turned out we had nothing to worry about. Launched only a couple of weeks ago, the Aveton Gifford Parish Project website is a smart, professional-looking, well organised site that is packed with interest. To date there are 36 pages and a gallery section that features about 350 photographs, old and new.