New Sauces For South Devon Chilli Farm

South Devon Chilli Farm – Sauces

Logo CCP are immensely proud of our ongoing relationship with South Devon Chilli Farm, we designed the style of their website and further supported the branding with marketing materials and packaging design. The style is a lot of fun to work with and is a very unique growing brand appearing all over the UK.

We were therefore delighted when asked to design two of their newest products Scorpion and Reaper Chilli Sauce.

The team at South Devon Chilli Farm don’t mess around, Scorpion Chilli Sauce is hot hot hot so much so you only need a little drop of the 50ml bottle to add heat to any dish. However, Reaper Chilli Sauce will make the most seasoned chilli fan’s eyes water. It’s their hottest sauce to date and contains the sought after Reaper Chillies which as of December 2015 hold the current heat record. Phewwwww, somebody pass the milk!

These fantastic products and many more can be obtained via the great service of South Devon Chilli Farm on the link below.