Google promotes faster loading pages on mobiles

Google now promotes websites with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) part of Google’s drive for a “better, faster mobile internet.”

The AMP project was first launched in October 2015 a new open-source initiative aiming to “dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.”

Google’s AMP project is their answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News although both these involve joining, whereas anyone can access Google’s AMP for news or blogs in particular.

WordPress blog has also enabled its users to have their pages automatically translated into AMP enabled pages.

AMP pages load on smartphones and tablets between 4 to 10 times faster than those made in traditional HTML.  As much of the Javascript code is missing therefore enabling  faster load time which means less battery power is used, so win win.

Google is likely to disadvantage sites that opt out of this function, so if you’re considering a website upgrade add AMP to the wish list, together with responsiveness (website resizes depending on the device used) and security, all these will ensure your website is more favourable in search engine results than those without.