SEO is not the only way

Everyone knows there’s no point having the most brilliant, effective website in all the world unless your target audience find it when they are searching through Google for the kind of services or goods you provide. This comes from ensuring your site is optimised properly and full of content specifically relevant to these offerings. But there’s more you can do, there are other marketing opportunities, which will all contribute to making your potential customers or clients aware of your business – even when they are offline.

As well as merely stating your website address, your business cards, stationery and email signatures should work hard everyday to give people a good reason to visit your site “For advice on employment law go to…” “Find the kitchen of your dreams at…” “For the smartest prices visit… “.

QR codes, although a little out of date, used to help drive traffic to your site. They are the black and white chequered squares like crossword puzzles that have appeared on packaging, on signs, adverts, flyers and especially on bill boards.

Publicity stunts can also help you keep your website in the minds of your audience. They can take place in the real world or exist only in the virtual world, but will always provide a great excuse to get in touch with all your existing contacts and rustle up some interest via email, digital PR, or even through your local press or a trade mag.  Video is one of the best mediums that has been rediscovered now that it is affordable (free even) as most phones and tablets have a video camera built in and easy-to-use editing software can be downloaded from the web or via applications.  Sites like Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo are a vessel to make genuinely informative or entertaining videos reach a vast audience.  Just think before you start auditioning kittens for your next block buster – that market has become pretty saturated of late.

Social media is increasingly important, and some tech writers predict it will replace websites altogether. In the meantime, make time to use your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts to push specific pages of your website. And if you have more time, join forums and discussion groups, get involved and build a following.

Pay-per-click is another obvious way to drive traffic to your site – but that’s another post – there’s far more to it than there’s room to say here. And it’s far too easy to throw away money before you understand the secrets of effective PPC.  There are plenty of less expensive – or free – avenues to explore that may coax useful extra visitors to your site before you contemplate buying them in.

Just like ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’ always remember that a few good, well targeted visitors is worth far more than thousands of tyre kickers swelling your web stats.