Rainbeau | Logo+

Retail brand for Swiss chocolate retailer

Rainbeau sources the finest Swiss chocolate to create an exclusive range of luxurious pralines, truffles, chocolate bars and other specialities, created in Switzerland by master chocolatiers using the traditional Swiss technique. Rainbeau Chocolates will be sold only through its own brand retail outlets and via the web. Logo have designed and created their branding, packaging, marketing material, website and in-store graphics.

The Rainbeau logo reflects the luxury and sophistication of the products it represents. It is created by a distinctive word mark, which combines the classic with the modern, blended onto a deep dark chocolatey palette.


The design for the all-important packaging included lavish boxes for Rainbeau’s signature collection, complete with ribbons and carriers. The wraps for the chocolate bars took their inspiration from the brand name – using a rainbow of 20 different colours to reflect the 20 different flavours – presenting a gorgeous bright array of sheer temptation.


The design and production of the suite of the brochures, chocolate box inserts, leaflets and product displays all contribute to the marketing effort and to creating brand awareness and re-enforcing the brand values.


The website plays a vital role in the business and will promote a whole Rainbeau Experience, with a Rainbeauholics Club, an online chocolate shop, seasonal specialities, plus videos and information about the history and the production of Rainbeau chocolates.

“Our sincere thanks to the amazingly creative and technical team at LOGO for not only transforming our vision into a powerful brand proposition but also backing it with a first-class service. We look forwards to continuing with our close association for a long time to come.”
Hemant Thanawala
Managing Partner – Rainbeau Group


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