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Web-based Office Brokers branding

Office Broker was founded in 2001 and now brokers over £55m of office space for over 5,000 providers each year. Their free, global service helps accommodate tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes from one man bands to multi nationals. Office Broker are also recognised as experts in the field of office accommodation. They produce quarterly reports on the state of the UK office market sector by sector across all cities and regions. Their data is used as industry benchmarks and tracks trends in demand, take-up, workstation volumes and price. In 2011 Officebroker asked us to examine their logo and brand design. As a result of holding a competition they had an idea that they liked but it wasn’t quite working. We worked with them to develop the concept using a stylised key shape to form part of the logotype. They obviously enjoyed the experience because they have continued to use us for a variety of projects ever since.

Website Design

hese high profile, hard working sites are closely monitored and fine-tuned to gain maximum exposure and visitor response. The client has their own team of dot net developers in-house and so our designs are taken as far as HTML pages and CSS ready for coding into the CMS. The new corporate identity has smartened the site with a consistent styling using an orange and grey theme. Complex page structures hide behind tabbed panels that make it all look relaxed and deceptively simple. Our quirky illustrations were the genesis of Office Broker World…

Website Banner Illustrations

…it started with panoramic landscapes with office buildings floating around amongst stylised clouds. Transmitter aerials, water towers, billboards and funny cars appeared along with a little bird. The bird grew larger, peering around the side of the screen brandishing a magnifying glass. When he did his Ronnie Corbett impression with binoculars he stole the show, sealing his fate as the face of Office Broker World. He’s really getting around now, on mouse mats, conference folders and e-mailers.


Affiliate Sites

Office Broker uses affiliate sites, each with their own branding, to attract people who are looking at niche location like the centre of London. These sites have their own branding and focus the search results within a narrow area of interest.


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