Fire and Rescue | Logo+

Rebrand for newly combined Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue

Following the merger of the fire and rescue services of Devon and Somerset, the corporate identity and badge of the two were roughly merged in order to provide a logo for the organisation.

The logo design was used on many different communications materials and by a wide number of staff members who were mostly deciding how the branding would be used without any guidance.

Brand guidelines

Logo was commissioned to produce guidelines so that the brand design application could be consistent and controlled. We appreciated that the effectiveness of DSFRS communications with the public and with other organisations would be improved by the use of effective branding and a clearly recognisable style of materials and messages.

To commence the brand guidelines project we analysed the existing logo details as well as how it was used and came to the conclusion that the project provided an opportunity to considerably improve the existing logo design and carry this through all the branding applications. By “designing in” related elements to the old branding it would allow the Service to introduce the new style as part of the ongoing renewal process of materials and equipment and amortise costs over an extended period.

Print & Website Design

We reviewed the inventory of all the materials and media DSFRS used and extended the logo design and supporting branding across all of these. This included template design and specific rules for their website, which was then developed in-house, incorporating some of the other design projects that we had completed for them.


The Service also asked us to provide additional design services for the creation of their in-house newsletter, full editorial design of their quarterly magazine, the equality brochure, children’s fire safety awareness posters, annual report and fire safety leaflets.


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