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Plymouth Community Healthcare

As part of current NHS reforms, a number of community healthcare services are being transferred to the private sector, to be delivered by new Community Interest Companies. Plymouth Community Healthcare was established to provide many services to that city and surrounding areas.

A significant part of Plymouth Community Healthcare’s responsibility is providing effective communication and information to the public and to other medical professionals. It must also invite and respond to feedback from patients and their care providers.

We were commissioned to create the identity, which included an extensive staff consultation process, with the objective of producing a design that encompasses the right ‘brand character’ and clear recognition. We followed this with comprehensive brand guidelines.

An engaging and accessible website was essential to facilitate constantly changing information and news. We designed and developed a Content Managed website that provides easy to navigate details of Plymouth Community Healthcare’s organisation, its broad range of services, local structure, operational sites, staffing, patient feedback, news and events.

We are pleased to be working with Plymouth Community Healthcare on an ongoing basis, supporting their identity application and website.