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A careful, collaborative process

Whether it is website design or brand building, the process is a collaboration between agency and client. We’ve learned how to make this vital time both constructive and fruitful.

Website design and development process

Logo, branding and creative process

Website design and development.

True collaboration is the only way for you to be sure you end up with precisely the site you need. Guided by our expert team, you’ll be part of the process every step of the way.

  • Stage one

    We listen

    Simplicity takes a good deal of hard work. Our aim is to provide a simple site that will engage your target audience in your brand. This will create action, loyalty and business growth.

    To really use the hidden power of your brand our team will take as long as it takes to understand it and clarify your business objectives.

    Our brand planning tool is a uniquely powerful but compact version of the tool used by all the world’s leading brands.

  • Stage two

    Design concepts: the really exciting bit

    Having agreed the brief with you, we’ll go away and produce design concepts. This is a wonderful stage – we never get tired of seeing people’s faces when they realise just how good their business is going to look when the site is complete.

  • Stage three

    The build phase: put your feet up

    Having carefully noted your feedback on the design concepts, the team set to work to create the website. Every page is considered with design and user experience in mind. It’s a lot of work with many internal approvals to clear so it’s your chance to have some time away from website design.

  • Stage four

    Final checks and it’s time to go live

    Our designers work closely with the developers to ensure your site is both beautifully designed and technically robust. It’ll be checked on all the main types of devices from smartphone to large desktop pc.  We’ll launch your site live and run all the checks again just to be sure.

Lets talk about your website…

Your brand, your logo, your marketing assets.

We build the foundations for your business growth

  • Stage one


    Big agency brand planning by big brand people.

    Our team all have backgrounds in national and international marketing agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Bray Leino and Enterprise IG. Add to that experience working on brands such as Vodafone and Coca-Cola. They gained vital experience and brought all the useful tools with them.

  • Stage two


    Your brand promise

    Imagine your brand promise as the ‘cookie’ we aim to insert into the mind of your target audience – just like a website adds a cookie to your browser. It’s a vital thing to understand, to be absolutely clear about. It forms the heart of your communications.

  • Stage three

    Your logo

    You always get the perfect logo

    The creation of a logo or the evolution of a current brand is a vital process for a business. Our process is simple in that we simply ask you to comment as we move along showing you ideas. Working with your feedback means that we move from a broad field of ideas to a narrower one and inevitably to a final perfect solution.

    The time varies but we won’t rush you, that’s for sure. Patience delivers excellence and that is our only goal. Every time.

    Usually having a new logo designed for a new venture or to rebrand an existing enterprise is a happy process that helps focus, energise and reinvigorate teams.

  • Stage four

    Completing your world

    Getting everything you need

    After all the variations, experiments and refinements have been made and once the final design has been agreed and signed off, various colour versions and file types are produced and assembled onto a master disc along with documentation of the colours in RGB and CMYK colour spaces, the typeface (unless we have drawn it specially for you) and recommendations for the complimentary font and colour palette.

    If it was agreed as part of the original commission we will go on to produce guidelines for using your new visual identity which will include rules for using the logo in various situations including its use at different sizes, on different colour schemes, the exclusion zones and illustrations of what must not be done! Guidelines usually show the new corporate identity applied to a number of applications which may include stationery, signage, website banner and vehicle livery.

Lets talk about your branding…