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Our Key People

Nick: Team Leader

Saatchi & Saatchi, Samsung UK Creative Director and Marketing Director for Gro Group Ltd. I build marketing strategies that are effective on the ground rather than just the boardroom.

Karen: Creative Director

Karen has bought her calm professionalism to lucky agencies from here to Australia (and back, thank goodness). She’s helped brands such as BT, T-mobile, Bupa and British Gas to communicate with clarity and intelligence. She makes sure the team builds attractive sites that are quietly effective at converting visiting prospects into enquiries and clients.

Helen: Marketing Director

Helen has worked at large agencies and also lead marketing teams client side at ABB and Nuffield Health. She is an organisational powerhouse to keep our projects moving at pace – all with a calm, reassuring air (she was yoga teacher so that’s to be expected). Helen will quickly grasp your market and bring a ton of relevant ideas to the table.

Liyana: Digital Lead

Liyana has over 20 years’ experience in creating complete digital footprints for clients. While she has excellent granular knowledge of all the main web technologies such as Google, her real strength is making them all work together to drive massive effectiveness in online marketing.

Rick: Head of Tech

Rick is that rare thing – a technically gifted coder who can actually communicate with the rest of the world with patience and simplicity. From our largest client sites where sensitive financial data is conveyed to a simple integration, Rick brings a huge depth of knowledge and a reassuring thoroughness to each project that means our clients sleep well at night.

Giles: Brand & Marketing

Planning Giles has 25 years’ experience planning and taking brands such as Channel 4, Land Rover and Roger Owen. To market with great success.