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Why choose LOGO ?

We have probably been designing logos and corporate identities longer than any other agency you can find, having started in the late 1970s! We are talented, intelligent, enthusiastic and totally committed. Our highly qualified designers are teamed with experienced account managers to ensure our designs are focused and have strong business rationale. Getting your logo right, right at the beginning, may well make the difference between success or failure.

What makes a good logo?

Your logo should:

  • reflect the brand values of your product or service
  • differentiate you from your competitors
  • be aesthetically pleasing
  • gain recognition quickly
  • be unique and built from scratch just for you
  • Drives your sales

How much do you charge?

We charge £85 / $107 / €99 per hour across the board: creative, artwork, research, brainstorming, writing copy, taking photos, video or animation, website design and development. However time spent thinking in the bath and whilst walking the dogs is invaluable but never charged.

Do you work to a fixed price?

Yes — we always set the price with you before we start work. Call now and we’ll tell you how much time we’ll need for your project. Costs are based on the amount of time we would expect to spend developing unique and effective designs for small to medium businesses typically working to tight budgets. These packages do not allow for face-to-face meetings, presentations, detailed market research and all the other things which can be involved in creating a fully fledged corporate identity programme for a large or complex organisation. Of course we are always happy to undertake larger projects and we would welcome the opportunity to offer proposals and a quotation.

Why are you more expensive than some other web based platforms?

We are a proper agency. Many web-based platforms use designers from around the world working from home. These can work well but often the designers don’t know anything about your market, or even your country. It makes it tough for them to deliver a design that is modern and will work for you.

Our team work together to bounce and share ideas, all under the control of a highly experienced Creative Director.

What exactly do I get?

You get control.

We will show you ideas all the way through but at each stage you feed back to us and control the process. It takes a little time but it always works – you always end up with a design that makes your heart sing and you feel proud to be the owner of such a brand.

Will my logo be unique?

Yes absolutely. It will be designed exclusively for your organisation, product or service. We do not use “clip art” or recycled designs. You will be able to submit it for EU design registration (a simple and inexpensive process) or for registration as a trade mark. We cannot guarantee you will be awarded this as several factors beyond our control are taken into consideration but we will be happy to assist you with the application processes.

Who will own the copyright?

We will assign full copyright ownership to you upon completion of the project and settlement of our invoice.

Do I need a company that has a good understanding of my business?

Definitely. This is something we feel very strongly about; a logo must reflect the qualities that make an initiative or a business service or product unique. We will ask you to fill in our briefing form so that we can learn about your goals, your position in the market place, your potential clients or customers, your competitors, your products, service etc. We will spend time talking to you, we will ask lots of questions and listen carefully to what you tell us.

How long does it take?

On average the whole process takes about a couple of weeks but much depends on how quickly you need it and how quickly you are able to provide feedback as we go along. If you are in a rush just let us know.

What is the procedure?

It all starts with our logo design briefing form which you can complete online or download as a Word file to email back to us. You will have an account manager and a lead designer who will discuss your project with you over the telephone. If you have asked us to look at other companies’ brands we will research these on the web or check them out in the high street. We will then prepare an initial selection of prototype designs. These are intended to start a dialogue that will continue through a series of development stages to complete the design.

What if I don’t like the initial designs?

No problem, if none of the original designs is deemed relevant we repeat this process. The final design is reached through a series of refinements and tweaks until everyone is totally happy with the result. But beware of the “I’ll know it when I see it” school of thought.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Logos, branding and corporate identities are the foundation of our business. We employ designers, developers and producers who deliver work of the highest professional quality. We are a close knit team of like minds who share a passion for effective, creative design – we eat, live and sleep it. Every job is different and starts with a blank sheet of paper, yes literally, because ideas are discussed and sketched out before we go anywhere near a computer.

How do I keep check of progress?

Telephone and email have served us very well over the years and we have built great working relationships with hundreds of clients we have never met. Clients do visit us and hardly a day goes by without at least one client sitting alongside a designer in our studio. We also use GoTo Meeting software that enables our designers and clients to share the same screen remotely.

What type of files will I be given?

You will be provided with all the files you will need to reproduce your logo with offset litho printing, on the web, in the office, on signs and just about any use you can think of. If you require any special file format in future, just let us know and we will send it to you for a nominal charge to cover expenses.

What colour palette do you supply?

Colours are built using CMYK and RGB colour spaces and we always supply a mono version for black and white reproduction. Pantone and RAL equivalents will be provided if you require this.

Do you supply stationery?

Yes, for a small additional fee we can give you artwork files for you to take to your printer for letterheads, business cards, compliments slips and any more specialised stationery you may require. We can also arrange for it to be printed and delivered to your door.

What do I get on my master disc?

Your logo will be supplied on a master disc which will have all the artwork you will need to keep your logo looking at its best in any application. Different applications will require different file types which are all on the master disc along with a document that details all the colour and font specifications. View contents here.

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