Brand Refresh | Bandvulc Tyres


Bandvulc manufactures 20% of the UK’s truck tyre retreads and they have a growing fleet management business including tyre distribution and fitting. They produce 200,000 tyres a year, employ 360 staff, their call centre operates 24/7/365 with a 2 hour call out time. Until last week, they had a camel for their logo!

To be fair to Bandvulc, it was us who designed (well, re-designed) their camel over twenty years ago and so it was high time to refresh the brand. We have removed a lot of clutter that has accumulated over the years, emphasised the italics of the logotype by containing it in a parallelogram and introduced a pair of diagonal stripes. Everything is locked down in a 28 page brand guidelines document and on a CD with a complete suite of master logo files.

You will still see a simplified version of the camel as he gallops by on the sides of Bandvulc’s fleet of distinctive black trucks. If you look very carefully you will also find him embossed on the walls of their tyres.

To answer the question about the pros and cons of rebranding: unless you have messed up big time there is usually no good reason to start all over again with a new name and a ‘brand new’ logo. Most brand marks can be updated and given a whole new lease of life. It’s an easier process all round and you won’t risk confusing and loosing your loyal customer base.

Don’t shoot the camel.