Inkjockey | Brand Design


Before commissioning us to design their logo almost everyone wants to know how many concepts they will be offered. The answer is simple: it will usually be enough to start the ball rolling in the right direction. We have developed a process for designing logos which starts wide and gradually narrows down the options until the final stage of tweaking and fine tuning refines the work into a perfectly crafted design.

In much the same way a million monkeys stabbing at typewriters will never produce the works of Shakespeare, intelligence and creative talent can never be replicated by randomly shooting in the dark. Mark Heywood is a published novelist and short story writer who, like many other publisher authors, has suffered in the hands of the publishing industry who tend to rob writers of their identity. Mark wanted a logo that will give his writers a distinct and independent brand of their own.

In this instant the brief from the client was clear and precise but still allowed us the freedom to experiment and explore a choice of options. The chosen design is at the bottom of the panel.