How do I register my logo?

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A logo is a crucial aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. Being a business’s leading graphical representation, a logo depicts a company’s brand and quickly becomes synonymous with the enterprise. Choosing a logo that epitomises your business and its products and services will help you to reach your target audience. Appealing to your intended demographic group is likely to help your business grow and succeed.

In order to get a professional and unique logo designed, it may be a good idea to contact a specialist company. You could brief the company about how to originate a distinctive and apposite logo.  Once you have a logo within your grasps that graphically represents your company, it is in your interest to officially own your logo. Not only will having the official rights to the motif mean that you can begin promoting it as the face of your company, but it also means that nobody can encroach on your business unique identity.

So how do you go about registering a logo?

The UK Copyright Service

One place companies can register their logos is with the UK Copyright Service. The UK Copyright Service is a quick and inexpensive way to protect an individual’s work from misuse or infringement. This trusted source has helped thousands of individuals and organisations across the globe achieve international copyright protection that would help them prove ownership and originality of various aspects of a business, such as its name and logo, should a dispute over ownership arise.

Registrations for logos, as well as any associated artwork or images, can be made by filling out an application form on the UK Copyright Service website.

UK Trade Mark Registration

The UK Trade Mark Registration site is designed to help businesses register their trade mark and inform them about different aspects of brand protection and trade mark law. This team of commercially-minded lawyers advise that logos, slogans, by-lines, designs, strap-lines, and even shapes, colours and smells can be registered as trademarks.

You can instruct UK Trade Mark Registration to register your logo by submitting an online application form.

Intellectual Property Office

You can also register a logo at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Intellectual Property (IP) is a generic term used to describe the legal rights of various creations, including a brand, name, logo, slogan or picture. The IPO enables business owners and entrepreneurs to protect their ideas and inventions by registering their work, meaning they will then be automatically covered by copyright.

Before you apply to register any component of your business on IPO, you should search the existing database of trademarks and designs to ensure that there aren’t any similar logos in existence that may adversely affect your application for registration.

You can apply for the registration of your work by making an online application. If the logo meets the necessary criteria it will appear in the Trade Marks Journal, which allows third parties to oppose the application. If no objections are made, the logo or trade name will then be officially registered.

Registering your logo with both the IPO and the UK Trade Registration will give you exclusive rights to use your logo on the various categories of products and services it is registered alongside, for a period of ten years. You will then have the option of renewing the ownership rights to your logo. It is also important to note that the IPO is a government agency, as opposed to the UK Trade Mark Registration, which is a private business, and that the IPO charges less for trademark registrations.

Trademark lawyers

Many trademark attorneys will be happy to offer you advice on how to apply for a logo registration. You can find at registered trademark attorney by visiting the official website of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.

Once your logo is where it should be, under your official ownership, you can then embark on the exciting crusade of getting your business most visible manifestation out in the public sphere and let it help you pull in the customers.

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