Good relationships make great designs

Choosing the right design agency is something that is often not given enough thought. Frequently the decision is made on the basis of cost alone, when really you need to consider whether the agency is willing to work with you not just for you. Are they simply going to lead you through their own ideas or will they have a more collaborative approach? At Logo we prefer to collaborate with clients and welcome your involvement throughout the process.  Think of us as an extension of your company with its best interests and objectives at heart.

Here are some pointers of how we see a successful design process

  1. Hello: From the start, we get to know you and your business, so please be ready to answer lots of questions. This is the best way for us to gain an understanding of what you’re aiming to achieve and what the specific challenges are going to be in your case. Equally we are happy to show you some of the work we have completed and explain how our approach can help meet your requirements. Tell us your preferred ways of keeping in touch throughout the process; some clients prefer emails, others telephone and, if you happen to be local then a good face-to-face meeting is great.
  2. Let’s chat: It’s important that everyone understands what’s required, what the deadline is and how much it will cost before the design process commences. This way there are no surprises on either side. We will require a brief from you, which may be one of our completed project briefing forms or your own document and may also include some phone calls and emails. Once we have discussed the brief and we are both happy we’ll make a start.
  3. The fun part: We start the design process with initial concepts. We will keep to brief but also throw in a wild card or two. It’s part of our job to stretch the boundaries, which may involve taking you out of your comfort zone, but always with an eye on the budget.’ The concepts we offer you will be ones we feel most suitable for your company and your audience. If we feel that soft pink won’t suit the brand character of a trade plumber we will say so. Offering you our professional perspective is one of the benefits that comes from a strong working relationship.
  4. What do you think?….Your feedback needs to be open, honest and constructive and we’ll discuss the designs with you to agree exactly what’s required for the development stage. Then we will work up the designs that have the most appeal and ask for further comments. This stage is repeated as necessary until the logo is approved*
  5. Getting to know you: Consider us partners throughout the process; working with us will enable you to see the value in the design you’ve commissioned. Equally as we get to know you we become attuned to the strategic requirements of your business, both for now and for the future. We want you to succeed. That’s exactly what we design for.

*amount of revisions may vary according to the design package.