Financial Conduct Authority shows its prudence with a new logo

The FCA – Financial Conduct Authority, formerly the Financial Service Authority (who made such a good job of protecting us against the reckless excesses of banks that were ‘too big to fail’) has just spent almost TWO HUNDRED GRAND on a logo. To be fair to them the logo itself was a snip at £48,000, the rest went on brand guidelines and legal fees. See the full story, released today by Citywire here.

They could have come to us for the logo and brand guidelines and saved themselves over £125K.v As for the £57K legal fees, we have just trade marked our own logo for £200 and we could have registered the design across the EU for another 350 euros. But what do we know about such things? We do know a thing or two about logos however and this might look OK as a $99 dry cleaners’ logo but for a serious financial organisation… sorry chaps, you’ve been taken to the cleaners.