Digital Perfomance Programme

A nice website is not the only thing you need.

‘You can lead a horse to water’. We are a very experienced team of digital marketers as well graphic designers and UX designers (40 years, 20 of which building websites..but who’s counting). We do design and create beautiful websites, however we are well aware that without supporting the fundamentals the beautiful website does not get in front of the eyes of the audience. We therefore support our clients through the basics and the more technical. We provide consultancy and advice to support the bigger picture and goal completion. We also stay abreast of changes to google algorithm and user led trends so that every project benefits from our experience and get’s the best possible chance to fly.

Some of our processes:


We use ‘Driver, Barriers and Hooks’ methodology to be clear on what is(/would be) driving people to the website, what is preventing them from converting and what are the key elements that are converting them to sales/enquiries.

Social Proof

We all fall into numerous groups within society, whether we like it or not our decisions are influenced by the groups and choices made within them. Social Proof is a way in which to identify groups and carry out marketing which may impact the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. This is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to digital audiences and influencing key decisions on a users jouney.

Abandoned Cart Re-Animation Techniques

Like anyone else, customers can be forgetful. We have a number of tricks and tips to gently remind them that there desired purchase is still outstanding.

Google Algorithm

To maximise revenue and audience numbers a clear understanding of Google Algorithm and its over 250 ranking factors is essential. Google’s ‘Penguin’ 4 has changed the landscape considerably by making Google more ‘real-time’ in regard to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

With Google constantly developing and creating updates it is important your provider is up to date and your website is as future proofed as possible.

SEO & Content Convergence

Intelligent content aligns with the customer journey to ensure that your SEO investment pays dividends. LOGO helps you to build in this area and ensure your SERP footprint is maximised.

Mobile First

With smartphones now forming the majority of the web time there’s no doubt that site builders need to start with mobile users as a priority. At LOGO we love the challenge of turning your site viewers into buyers or enquiries before they have even got off the bus on their way home.

Voice Search

Statistics advise that by 2020 50% of searches will be conducted via voice commands. This is already true in the United States with the likes of Amazon’s Echo, Alexa and Siri giving users an easier journey. We help our clients understand the implications, successfully supporting the content so that this exciting opportunity is not missed.


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