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St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth

St Luke’s is one of, if not the best known charity in Plymouth and surrounding areas. They offer a very specialist end of life care service which resonated heavily with the LOGO team as many of us know or have known those who have been massively supported by the hospice.

The team at St Luke’s are brilliant, not just regarding their caring operation but their openness and change embracing ethos.

We were delighted to be invited to pitch for their new website, no small feat due to the volume of content they had amassed over many years. We were successful in our bid and went about carrying out a volume of collaborative meetings to make sure all understood the brief and the approach.

A large part of the requirement was to give the users a better journey and experience. The challenge of this was to capture the different user groups early via the design and encourage further exploration of relevant pages.

All encased in a range of templates and tools that would enable the team at St Luke’s to manage and add content – the site was built with the future and adaption in mind so our client has the flexibility they need.

Other more obvious goals included increasing the traffic, lowering the bounce rate of users and increase fundraising.

After going live at the beginning of July figures look good. In the month of August 2017 we saw a 32% increase in users and a 37% increase in the number of page views in comparison to the previous year. The ‘Tour De Moor’ fundraising campaign also sold out in record time.

July 2018 in comparison to the previous year saw an increase of 56% in the number of users.

Please visit the new St Luke’s website.