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South Devon Chilli Farm …
from kitchen table to 15 tons of chillis produced each year.

This wonderful brand was born, as many are, from a private passion which became a huge commercial success. We were engaged from the start to create a playful, engaging brand design to reflect the business ethos.

The brand vernacular allows us to adapt easily to new product lines and naturally includes a website which works for both trade and consumer clients.

The business is going from strength to strength and has recently received an endorsement from Jamie Oliver.

A Website that drives the business

South Devon Chilli Farm not only sells extensively to the trade but also direct to the public. To add further to the picture, the farm has become a popular tourists destination in itself. All of these aspects of the business had to be included on the website while retaining it’s informative role alongside the engaging brand. A tall order but one that has been more than achieved with this website.

Support for trade shows and in-store launches

LOGO was delighted to work with SDCF to help them with their presence at trade shows with on-brand pull-up banners and associated brochures and sales presenters

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