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Brand for the Constables of the Police Federation of England & Wales

The Police Federation represents the interests of over 100,000 serving police officers in England & Wales. To support a new communications approach the Constables Committee commissioned Logo to create a new identity and contribute to their marketing design strategy.

The logo

We developed a comprehensive brief for the brand design through client meetings, research into the purposes of the logo for the organisation and members and the perception that needed to be achieved. The final design followed a careful design logic in terms of colours chosen, wordmark typography and relationship to the logo’s describer line. The graphic element has a deliberate relationship to long established Police Federation logo but with an updated interpretation and the use of design detail that brings it to life and gives it genuine brand distinction. The logo has a stronger, more contemporary feel and includes a subtle impression of the police at work so that it is very adaptable to stand-alone branding uses.

Brand Guidelines

As the Constables branding must represent an important organisation and be recognised in public and official circumstances, as well as featured in the media, it was essential that the appearance of the logo and supporting design elements was managed and controlled for consistency. We created a comprehensive set of guidelines and also trademarked the logo.

Brand Applications

In order to comprehensively launch the new identity and the website to the Constables’ members, we designed and produced a range of branded items including a logo pin-badge, display graphics, mouse mat, marketing posters, branded folders and conference materials.

The Website

A strikingly original design was created, placing it among the best of the websites for other major organisations that represent and support the interests of their members. With a variety of news and event based areas, the site is very interactive, and constantly topical with the main aim of motivating repeat visits. Dynamic graphics add to the unusual but helpfully designed navigation and there are members only areas to help the Committee and its members increase interaction. A mobile version of the site was also created. We worked with the Constables to launch the website at the annual Police Federation conference demonstrating the design and functionality from the main stage.

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