Andrew James Butchery Brand & Applications

Butchery redefined

Logos aren’t brands, they are graphic devices that represent brands. Brands are built over time through experience, reputation and delivery. Andrew James is a brand that is several generations old but it’s only just launched today!

Steve Turton comes from a long line of Exeter butchers. Like his forebears Steve, and his son Andrew, has James as his middle name. From his roots in the family business Steve went on to found the Westcountry’s most successful sausage company and also to supply and manage the meat counters for one of the region’s leading supermarket chains. But all that is in the past. The future of Steve and Andrew Turton is a new brand and new concept.

For some time now this family business has been working closely and exclusively with the country’s leading chefs. By taking great care to understand precisely what each chef needs to create their unique taste and style, Andrew James sources, butchers and delivers their exact requirements straight to the kitchen. It sounds easy, it isn’t. It’s based on long experience, deep knowledge, close working relationships and tremendous skill.

We worked closely with Steve and Andrew in long sessions spent talking, sifting through ideas, examining concepts, materials, images. We started with a detailed brief about the business, the market, the service. Then we developed the name. Then the logo, the messages, the fonts, the colours, the words, the type, the layout, the illustrations, the photographs and the applications.

The business cards are embossed with a special tactile surface, the website is responsive (chefs don’t have time to spend sat at an office desk) and the exhibition pop ups are fronted with a branded counter complete with butcher’s block.

Email from Steve Turton 8.2.13

…I truly believe the work Logo have undertaken on our behalf has fulfilled the brief completely, in fact it has exceeded it. The whole feel of the rebrand exercise has given us a clearly defined banner to march behind, set us apart from our competition. From my own point of view it has totally invigorated me and my enthusiasm and optimism for the future have never been higher. Honestly, words cannot express the gratitude I have for what the team at Logo have done for us. Thank You.

Kindest Regards