A Guide to Logo Design Online

So you want a new logo design? Great. Now what?

It’s confusing. We know that. There are a range of options available on page 1 of Google. Logo creator sites are plentiful but as you’ll see below, the quality is very mixed.

We decided to test a range of these sites to save you time and money on your business logo or hobby logo. As designers ourselves, it was great fun.

Business logo design is very important.

But you know that. It’s why you’re here. Your logo will be the very heart of your business. It will make you feel great (or not) every single day. It will deeply affect how people think of your business. A great logo will draw people to use your business and drive them to share their experience with friends and colleagues. So the lesson is: make your logo as good as it can possibly be. Like these:

How much should I spend on my logo designer?

There’s no one answer to this but be under no illusion: if you pay £5 you can imagine how much time the designer will spend on your task!

For one-person business the logo design may simply be your name conveyed in a font that matches the sector you operate in. For this task an online platform may work well and you could spend £200, possibly less and be very happy.

If you are already up and running in business or simply have bigger aspirations then you’ll want to have a team involved that will take the right amount of time to understand your business, your brand and your aspirations. Ideally someone you can chat to on the phone – there’s so much more that can be communicated that way rather than via online forms. In this case you will be spending more, of course. A design agency will charge anything from £800 to £100k! Here at Logo we charge a standard fee of £2000 but we do have special reduced rates for start-ups.  

Online Logo Design

We tried a range of sites to help you decide.  The most important thing to realise is that Logo design websites fall into two broad categories:

  1. Websites that use computer algorithms to design your logo. These are usually far cheaper or even promoted as being ‘free’. (they usually charge you somehow though!)
  2. Websites that are platforms which connect you with a world-wide bank of designers who will work on your project. These generally charge more – a typical range is £200 to £900
  3. We’ve included ourselves in this table for comparison. Feel free to browse our work for more of a feel or ideally, just give us a call if you feel a professional team would suit you best.

Logos for under £100.

Type of siteAlgorithmAlgorithmDesigners – a single one chosen by you.
Typical Price£30 upwards. Not free!$40 – $80$5 to $50

Tend to be very old-fashioned, do not feel appropriate to UK market.

Acceptable for uses shown. Not for professional business. Quite an American design feeling. Not very modern.Rather poor in our case. Initial designs were so poor we didn’t really know what to say – we’d already paid though!
Suitable for We don’t recommend this for anyone.Hobby brands, fun brands, one-man band operationsCould be worth the gamble for small businesses
UK based
Phone contact
Creative director
Instant designs. Worth doing just to see how bad it can be.Instant – just a few clicks and your designs arrive.You must select a designer which is tricky. You are then committed to that person.

Logos for over £100.

99 DesignslogoJeevesLogo Commercial Creative Partners – us!
Type of siteDesigners who compete to win your businessDesignersDesign team working under a creative Director
Typical Price£200 – £900 £39.99 – £250£850 upwards
ResultsProbably the best platform.Not good, appears to be put through a logo generator website or they have completely ignored the brief or they have generic designs that they add company name to.—-
Suitable for Small businessesHobby, Joke BrandSuitable for any business with ambition to be a large-scale business or businesses that are already successful. Proven success at creating logos that build businesses.
UK based
Phone contact
Creative director
Take a look for yourself here.The email communication is timely but poor English. They are not available 24×7 as advertised. They offer a 100% money back guarantee but do all they can to not give you it back if you are unhappy with the work, they keep sending generic logos instead. This is a proper agency where a team of talented designers work under a Creative Director. Chat to the team on the phone and revise your design until it is perfect.

Get in touch – one of the team will be happy to talk through your needs


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