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Insight + 2020

50 milliseconds of joy

Research shows one alarming statistic for website owners: It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for visitors to decide of your site is for them or not.

That means there’s no time for your wonderfully crafted copy to have an effect. That third paragraph that you laboured over one evening is, I’m afraid, yet to weave its magic spell on them.

The one and only influencer for users at decision point 1 is your web design.

People are so used to great design on the net. Think of the sites you visit most often and imagine how much time and resource goes into design. A site such as https://www.airbnb.co.uk/ will have spent millions of dollars on web design over the years. The result is clean, minimal and so, so inviting.

To help our clients succeed in this world where the bar is set so high, we make web design our key focus. Other agencies are often lead by technical people and the design can become a secondary consideration. For us design and user experience leads every time. Days and weeks are spent on design – quite often more than one visit back to the metaphorical drawing board is required before our experienced team are sure that the design ethos we are proposing will deliver that all important 50 Millisecond hit of joy for your website visitors.

If you’re still struggling to find a passion for design, it may be that the numbers will help. If website visitors are an important part of your business and you could increase the number that stay on your site past that first hurdle by 20% – what would that mean for your business?

If you have 50 visitors each day, that could mean 10 more today. Not exciting? How about 3650 extra in a year. In three years – a decent website lifespan – that’s almost 10,000 extra potential customers.

Now there’s a number we can all get excited about.